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The Mother Daughter                    Connection

Every mother is a daughter. The first woman to woman relationship we have is with our mother. She is the connection to all your matriarchal heritage.  These relationships provide clues to where you come from and how you show up as a woman:

  • A relationship to foster healing – a time to heal the legacy with your own mother –clean up unfinished emotional business with your own mother and your image of what a “good” mother is

  • Be intentional and clear about how you want to be as a mother.  What that means; what that looks like; what do you want your legacy to be? How do I not be a repeat offender; Break the cycle

  • Create a vision of your relationship; how can you foster that

  • Concentrate on how you show up and your intentions as a mother as opposed to centering on how your daughter will “turn out.”

  • As you connect to your life purpose and how to align your life with that purpose you can guide your daughter in her journey to do the same; enpowering her to bring her unique brilliance to the world.

  • How to cope and, preferably, prevent burn out

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