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Mollie Drury, CPC, ELI-MP
I will help you find your Mojo
(Enpowering Consciousness )

Sycamore Coaching

How It Works

Sycamore Coaching is committed to creating a safe, comfortable environment where clients can create the future that they have never even dreamed of. By illuminating the connection to their higher consciousness, clients are empowered to not only understand what might be out of sync in their lives, but to connect to their deepest desires, their inner wisdom, and begin to live an intentional and fulfilled life. We start with this question:

Who am I and what do I want to do with that Who?

I will collaborate with you to discover the answers to these questions.

This will involve:

  • The Core Energy Coaching Process

  • An ELI Assessment and Debrief

  • Helping you realize how Truth speaks to you

  • Discovering your core values and how these influence your perception and how you are showing up in your life

  • Identifying what your energy blocks are and how these are preventing you from creating the life that you desire

  • Aligning these insights with actions that enable you to create the life that you love and is congruent with your wisdom and highest potential

  • To hold our coaching relationship in complete confidence and adhere to the ICF standards and Code of Ethics

About Mollie

As far back as I can remember I have wondered…Why?  Why me - here now?  Where was I before?  Why is anyone here?  Where is here?  What is this all about?  The hunger for the answers to these questions has been the basis for a lifetime of seeking.  Pondering the truth to these questions.  During this journey, I have discovered some truths and a lot more questions.  I have learned these through reading, studying philosophy, nature, meditation, plants, being a daughter and a sister, Reiki, cooking, horticulture, being southern, loving history, hiking in the woods, entertaining, being a mother to three incredible daughters, my dogs, amazing coach training, wonderful friendships, loss, loving and being loved by the same man for over 30 years, having and not having.  All of it and so much more.  All of this has been propelling me towards these truths.  I am excited to see what is next! 

At Sycamore Coaching I collaborate with women to help them connect with their joy, truth and authenticity.  Through deep, intuitive conversations we reveal their authentic self and create an action plan that empowers them to live a life aligned with their inner wisdom and higher consciousness.



The individual, one on one coaching sessions will enable us to do the deep mindful work together.  The only agenda is you and your objectives and desired outcome.  We will tailor a plan that will serve that agenda.  This typically involves 6 to 12 sessions.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary exploratory session. 



Small group coaching sessions is an option to share your journey with others who are also committed to seeking their truth.  These groups can be gratifying if you are looking for an extended support system.  It is also a great introduction to coaching

Contact me to schedule a complimentary exploratory session



I conduct workshops and retreats where we speak and explore Energy Leadership. This includes ways to incorporate living a more intentional and conscious life.  If you are interested in having me speak at an event or facilitate a workshop or retreat please contact me to discuss possibilities.

Some Kind Words

"Working  with Mollie has been a life changing experience. With her thoughtful questions and support she motivated me to work on my dreams to make them a reality. Mollie helped me determine my goals and challenged me weekly to think in new ways.  Together we planned a week by week program that helped me resolve my conflicts and change my way of thinking.  What I have learned through this process is that we are what we think, and an excellent coach can truly transform your life. Thank you Mollie for being that coach."


"Mollie has a knack for knowing the right questions to ask, no matter what the subject. She knows when to probe gently, when to directly challenge my assumptions, and when to be silent and let my thoughts come out. Throughout it all, her calm perspective and empathy shine through. She's helped me come to some major life decisions much faster than I would have thought possible. "


"Mollie is a loyal, non-judging, quick witted, dedicated friend, just the real deal.  A gifted communicator, compassionate listener and always wants the best for everyone.  Mollie is curious about what sparks joy in her life and makes every attempt to meet it.  She has the ability to guide people into areas that hinder them.  Her willingness to share knowledge and personal life experiences helps others see their circumstances clearly.  One who is willing to be on the journey with those that seek her counsel.  She won't tell someone how they should feel or what they should do but with gentle leading questions guides them to a more peaceful resolution.  When you reveal the depths of your heart you can be assured it is in safe keeping.

Becoming a life coach has presented her with an array of positive opportunities.  She has honed a natural rhythm on how she conducts her life.  Thus by attaining her goal of becoming a life coach.  Always available for unconditional guidance to family, friends and clients.  There is an inner confidence in her dealings with people.  Coaching has provided a platform for her to explore this and helped her to grow and continue on in that regard.  Her self-reliance in dealing with and coaching people is blossoming.  Truly remarkable to witness!  She has enriched my life tremendously and I consider it a privilege to call her a friend."       


"Mollie and her coaching skills helped me look ahead, remove my road blocks, and move forward.  She is very skilled at being a life coach and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to take a deeper look at their inner self."

- Susan

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